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Business Intelligence and Reporting
Sage Accpac Insight, the Premier Reporting & Business Intelligence Solution
Business intelligence is a buzz phrase in today's marketplace-and for good reason. The need for a complete business intelligence software application capable of full-scale reporting has never been more prevalent. Gone are the days of trying to glean key information from a monthly balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and cash flow statement. Today's business leaders demand more insightful, more comprehensive metrics because their ability to serve their stakeholders and outflank their competitors depends on it. What should you look for in a comprehensive reporting and business intelligence solution? Full integration with Sage Accpac, the ability to pull data from anywhere in your enterprise, and total ease of use. You'll find these qualities, and more in our premier business intelligence software package, Sage Accpac Insight.

Reporting Designed with the Accountant in Mind.
The Sage Accpac Insight reporting applications are developed with the accountant in mind. They are 'accounting intelligent' and automatically apply the accounting principles to data in the ledgers. They are 'self-maintaining' and automatically recognize changes in the ledger and apply them to the reports in Excel. They eliminate re-keying and re-formatting of data and the re-writing of Excel spreadsheets. AND, they deliver reports in Excel to offer departmental and enterprise reporting solutions alike. The Sage Accpac Insight reporting applications are designed to work together to provide an integrated financial reporting solution.

Sage Accpac Insight
Sage Accpac Insight is an enterprise-wide reporting, budgeting, and consolidations application, ideal for employees in remote offices and disparate departments who need to manage, distribute, and collaborate from a single, unified source. It allows you to quickly capture and integrate information into meaningful reports and securely distribute them across your entire enterprise on demand.

With Sage Accpac as your accounting foundation, you can use Sage Accpac Insight to enhance your business intelligence with sophisticated, customizable budgets, analytics, and reports. The possibilities from this leading business intelligence solution include:

  • Sales analyses
  • Interactive, bottom-up budgets
  • Charts and graphs
  • Budget variance reports
  • Any kind of report, budget, or analysis you would normally build on a spreadsheet

For more information about our business intelligence software package, Sage Accpac Insight, please call us at 604-678-5222, or send us an e-mail.

Reports in Excel
Automated, enterprise wide, Excel-based financial and management reporting.
Sage Accpac Insight manages the management reporting process from data capture through to delivery on the end users desktops and adds reporting functionality to help significantly reduce reporting timescales.

Sage Accpac Insight streamlines complex reporting workflow. It embraces your Microsoft Excel skills and culture to enable you to automate the production and dissemination of management reports.

  • Fits your skills, technology, business and culture
  • True reporting solution - not a technology toolkit
  • Finance function control and drive the reporting process
  • Automates the reporting workflow - Minimal maintenance
  • Integrates seamlessly with source systems
  • Interactive drill down to transaction level
  • Delivery by worksheet, workbook, or data mart
  • Faster reporting - shorten the reporting cycle!

What makes Sage Accpac Insight Reporting different?
Eliminates re-keying of data - Insight Reporting generates a Microsoft database that replicates your chart of accounts enabling you to extract exactly the data you require from the ledgers and other data sources.

Minimal maintenance: eliminates rule writing - Insight Reporting understands accounting principles and manages debits and credits, accounting calendars, dates and text - naturally. That is why it is referred to as 'accounting intelligent'. It eliminates the need to write code-based rules and frees accountants to apply their business intelligence to examining the reports.

Authors and generates reports in Excel - Insight Reporting uses wizards to generate and maintain reports that are presented in Excel formatted precisely.  Insight Reporting detects changes in the underlying systems and automatically applies the changes through to the Excel report.

Quick build budget for integrated budget vs. actual reporting - Insight Reporting has a Budget Express capability that enables a quick budget - complete with protection, spread meathods and iterations, to be built straight from an Insight Reporting report template to provide integrated budget vs. actual reporting.  More customized and sophisticated budgets can be built using Insight Budgeting.

Sage Accpac Insight Consolidations
Automated, distributed Excel-based statutory and management reporting application.
Insight Consolidations manages the consolidations process to deliver financial statements that illustrate financial and non-financial critical performance indicators.

Insight Consolidaitons takes a new approach to the great reporting problem based on unified reporting, consolidation and budgeting architecture.  It enables you to produce consolidated accounts for statutory or management reporting purposes that are ready for analysis.


  • Fits your business, culture, technology skills
  • Integrates seamleddly with source systems to eliminate data entry and validation
  • Unlimited hierarchies to report on anything
  • Reports in any number of target currencies
  • Integrates with other Insight reporting applications

What makes Sage Accpac Insight Consolidations different?

  • Allows an unlimited number of consolidation hierarchies

  • Insight Consolidations handles high volume of data right down to transaction details and maintains data integrity. Insight Consolidations handles multiple charts of accounts and integrates data capture with local operational systems to eliminate data entry and data validation.

  • Automatically applies rules, definitions and processes

  • Insight consolidations automates many of the manual processes to take the application beyond the boundaries of a standard financial and management reporting application. It incorporates all that is required for statutory reporting purposes to enable you to present your figures to meet the ever changing demands of today's corporate market.

  • Provides true enterprise performance and financial analysis

  • Insight Consolidations handles both financial and non-financial dimensions, allowing you to determine what aspects of the business to view beyond the boundaries of the standard financial and management statements.