EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Electronic funds transfers for customers, employees or vendors
Would you like to reduce your banking transactions fees? Would you like to save time while banking and eliminate errors? Please contact us for more info.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is a computer-based system that utilizes your current accounting software to perform many of your banking transactions and help you save time and money, while helping you take one-step forward to a paperless office.. EFT is software fully integrated with Sage Accpac, allowing EFT to process transfer receipts and payments through Sage Accpac.

EFT is banking software that will help you save time and money with your daily banking transactions. EFT is an essential add-on to your current accounting software.

The EFT system can…

  • Automatically creates EFT files required by the bank, for both payments and receipts.
  • Creates Electronic Funds Transfer files in the format required by many major banks based on the standard Sage Accpac ERP Accounts Payable payment and customer refund routines.
  • Creates Electronic Funds Transfer files for receipts (direct debits) from customers using receipt batches.
  • Approval process with enhanced security for customer and vendor bank accounts.b
  • Hold vendor and customer banking details
  • Create customer receipts and bank files for your Accounts Receivable invoices
  • … and much more…