Fixed Asset Management
Track your assets, depreciate your assets and maintain your assets
Companies are expected to take responsibility for the organizing, and accounting their fixed assets. Companies are also expected to be accurate while accounting and organizing their fixed assets.

Unfortunately, there are numerous horror stories of companies who have not properly controlled their fixed assets and have paid “Big Money” (insurance and tax costs) to reconcile their mistakes. However, there is hope if you want to manage your fixed assets and not fall into the trap of paying “Big Money” for an easily solved problem.

Fixed asset management will be your next step to being organized, confident and properly accountable for your property, plant, and equipment. Fixed asset management is a solution for small companies to large enterprises environments to be proactive in managing and assessing their fixed assets.

  • Easy asset setup
  • Lifetime asset tracking
  • Intuitive data availability
  • Flexible value assessment
  • Custom depreciation management
  • Automated accounting
  • Integrated

“Stay on top” of your fixed assets instead of you fixed assets being “on top of you.” Allow your company to be more efficient with the resources you have invested into, and allow your company to be effective with those resources. Fixed asset management is great investment to the solution necessary for organizing, and accounting fixed assets. Fixed asset management should guarantee that your company does not lose money on small mistakes instead stays accountable for the right work done.

Asset Management Overview
Asset Management is a powerful and complete asset management solution that is fully integrated with Sage Accpac ERP. Asset Accounting can be used to process all the asset accounting transactions, including acquisition, depreciation, adjustment, disposal, merge and split. Other capabilities such as Asset Maintenance and Asset Leasing are available to facilitate asset maintenance and lease management.

  • Seamless integration with Sage Accpac ERP GL, AP, AR, IC, PO.
  • Flexible asset numbering.
  • Comprehensive asset transaction processing.
  • Asset depreciation for book & tax purpose respectively
  • Powerful and flexible depreciation facility.
  • Full multicurrency support.
  • Full support over the US MACRS depreciation rule.
  • Asset maintenance scheduling and expense processing.
  • Asset lease tracking and billing processing.
  • Complete barcode tracking facility.
  • Image can be attached to location and asset register.
  • Extensive inquiries and reporting.

Integrated Solution
Asset Management has the same look, feel, level of integration as the Sage Accpac ERP core module.

  • Uses the fiscal calendar and currency of Common Service module.
  • Asset transactions generates General Ledger batches automatically.
  • Integrates with PO streamline the asset requisition, acquisition and invoicing process.
  • Integrates with IC on asset acquisition, disposal and maintenance.
  • AP invoice can be created from asset acquisition batch automatically.
  • AR invoice can be created from the asset disposal batch automatically.
  • AP invoice can be created from asset maintenance batch automatically.
  • AR invoice can be created from asset lease billing entry automatically.
  • Drill down from GL,AP and AR to originating asset transaction.