Accounting & Operations
Transform the Productivity of your Enterprise.
Imagine an accounting and operations software solution that puts your business first. That serves up the smart features and fierce power you and your employees need to get the job done efficiently and brilliantly. A solution that follows your pace of growth, adapts to your unique workflow, defers to your database and deployment preferences, and flexes with your organizational structure. Only, this solution isn't a figment of your imagination. And you don't have to be a big enterprise with deep pockets to afford it. It's called Sage Accpac accounting software, and it can change the way you think, work, and imagine.

Business Intelligence and Reporting
Sage Accpac Insight, the Premier Reporting & Business Intelligence Solution.
Business intelligence is a buzz phrase in today's marketplace-and for good reason. The need for a complete business intelligence software application capable of full-scale reporting has never been more prevalent. Gone are the days of trying to glean key information from a monthly balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and cash flow statement. Today's business leaders demand more insightful, more comprehensive metrics because their ability to serve their stakeholders and outflank their competitors depends on it. What should you look for in a comprehensive reporting and business intelligence solution? Full integration with Sage Accpac, the ability to pull data from anywhere in your enterprise, and total ease of use. You'll find these qualities, and more in our premier business intelligence software package, Sage Accpac Insight.

Customer Relationship Management
Automate your sales force, marketing, and customer service teams.
A good customer relationship management (CRM) solution will give you quick, easy access to centralized customer and prospect information. Not just contact information, not just call history information, but the in-depth, up-to-date communications history you need to nurture your prospect relationships, close sales, inspire customer loyalty, and streamline all your customer-facing activities. The best CRM solution for you is the one that adds integration with Sage Accpac accounts receivable data to its list of award-winning features: Sage Accpac CRM.

Easy and Flexible Web Store.
Web-based commerce can provide you additional revenue with little overhead investment. But your customer’s shopping experience is key to your success. Make sure that item availability is up to date, pricing is accurate, and orders are processed quickly with a Web store that synchronizes with your Sage Accpac inventory control, accounts receivable, and order entry functions. The easiest, most comprehensive way to implement such an integrated Web store is with eCommerce for Sage Accpac ERP— powered by Iciniti.

Electronic Data Interchangem(EDI)
Sage Accpac Exchange provides immediate transmissions and better two-way communication than traditional EDI.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions allow you to electronically exchange order, invoicing, and payment data with your customers and suppliers. More and more large enterprises are using their clout to require EDI capabilities of their trading partners, so the sooner you can get set up with an EDI solution, the better. Besides, using EDI is in your best interest: by facilitating the flow of information, EDI practices can increase the speed and accuracy of all of your purchasing and receiving processes. To add EDI capabilities to your Sage Accpac system, simply plug in a solution that’s remarkably secure, affordable, and easy to use: Sage Accpac Exchange.

Fixed Assets
Powerful, easy-to-use fixed asset management.
It's an unfortunate reality that many companies and organizations overpay thousands, sometimes even millions, in insurance and tax costs due to improperly or ineffectively managing and depreciating their fixed assets. The best way to gain total command and control over your entire fixed asset lifecycle—from acquisition to disposal—is with a fixed asset management solution that links to your Sage Accpac accounting system: Sage FAS Fixed Assets.

Human Resource Management
A comprehensive suite of modules to meet all of your HR management needs.
It’s so easy to get buried in human resources paperwork, especially when there’s an increase in employee queries, benefits enrollment forms, and government compliance issues. Still, the thought of implementing an HR management system can be daunting. Many business owners worry that it will cost too much, be too complex to implement, or won’t really help. If these concerns sound familiar, you’re in the right place. We have an affordable, easy-to-use solution that will integrate with your Sage Accpac system, link to your payroll module, give your employees self-service capabilities, and help you stay in compliance with the law: ACCPAC HR Management Series.

A comprehensive point-of-sale system for fast-paced, high-volume, multi-site retail operations.
A successful point-of-sale (POS) strategy isn't just about "the cash register." Today, you need integrated POS software systems that ensure you have the right merchandise in your stores, at the right price and at the right time. You need the ability to fully understand the buying patterns of your clients—who they are and what they want. Most of all, you need integration of an effective POS software with your Sage Accpac system and the ability to monitor activity across all retail locations, easily and cost-effectively. The solution that offers you all this, and more, is Sage Accpac's point of sale software system, ePOS.

Warehouse Management
Automate your inventory-handling and order-fulfillment processes and help you better manage your supply chain.
When your warehouse is operating at peak efficiency, there's a domino effect that can be felt all the way through your enterprise. Your warehouse employees are empowered and encouraged by their increased productivity and control of inventory. Your customers notice the quality of your service and are impressed by your quick and accurate order fulfillment. And you? With loyal employees and customers and total control over your costs, processes, and inventory, you're in a better position than ever to take your business to the next level of success. To get the domino effect working for you, start with a powerful, feature-rich warehouse management software system that integrates with your Sage Accpac accounting system: Sage Accpac WMS. Sage Accpac's warehouse management software will enable your business to manage inventory and productivity in a time and cost-efficient manner, so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Options Products
Make your Sage Accpac solution a perfect fit for your unique business requirements.
Sage Accpac Options are a set of solutions designed to extend the value and performance of your Sage Accpac system with a variety of reporting, analysis, automation, and feature extension tools.